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Российская кинологическая федерация. Клуб АНТЕЙ. О клубе.


Traveling is a pleasant thing! Who has an argument against it? We are ready to dispute but about another question… It is the usual thing that people goes to Europe, America, Australia or other counties. But I want to ask you who can say that he knows our country well? What do you think about Asia? To be more exactly what do you think about Altai- the centre of Asia? It is almost like Tibet. But Altai wasn't in such bad conditions as Tibetan civilization. You have an opportunity not only to look through pictures with wonderful views of Altai but also to go there. We are glad to offer you to see unique Altai space, to enjoy primordial Nature, to take pleasure of looking at confluence of the mighty rivers. You will be able to breath clean air, to see really beautiful immense (unbounded) space. Your life will be more interesting if you take part in a horse trip. Wonderful semi-precious stones will adorn (beautify) you and keep your health. One trip to Altai will give you he! alth and strength for many years! This is an exclusive suggestion! And we are glad to make you (the real lovers of Lhasa Apso) this offer at first. Our Lasa Apso Old …………. (Vanka, Balu-Vanka or Prince Hens Killer) will meet you. (You may see his special page in the site). And we also invite all people who love animals, Nature and adventures. We will be glad to see all of you. You will have an experienced guide, good friend and wise teacher during your trip. Simple but comfortable conditions of life and of cause tasty meal will be for you!

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