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Old Tomarktus
Лхаса апсо в России - Lhasa apso in Russia. Племенной питомник декоративных собак породы лхаса апсо "Олд Томарктус".Российская Кинологическая Федерация. Lhasa apsos. Breeding nursery "Old Tomarktus". Breed the Lhasa apso in Russia.The Russian Cynology's Federation (RKF). . О клубе.

Alena Pershikova, owner nursery "RUS TERRA", Vladivostok

The beauty will rescue the World!
Alena the beautiful girl; well and beautiful girl the reliable men and, certainly, beautiful dogs surround. In this nursery you will find, besides everything, and strong healthy dogs.
Look a site, it is made sincerely and with large love.
If you have become interested her pyppies, call:
т: 8 4232 41-84-82

Olga Tabakova, owner nursery "Charodei"

Olga has magnificent The French sheep-dog. This puppies you can look at it :
If you have become interested her pyppies, call:
тт: +7 095 478-9418