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      Usually, a person, who wants to have a purebred log ask 2 questions: where and how?
So where. The very simple way is to find an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine or go to special animal market. Maybe your friends know a breeder who has a litter at that moment. You may use any way your want. But now I want to say about papers which you`ll get with a puppy. If you decided to get a purebred puppy, you need know 3 things about the owner. The first if the owner is a member of any Kennel club. The second if this Kennel club is a member of RKF-FCI. The third if this litter is register in RKF. You may call on RKF and ask these questions. Only RKF can give you the full information about kennel clubs, nurseries breed and breeders.
  Before buying a puppy think if you need a pet or you are going to be a breeder. Don’t be hurry.
  A good breeder will take over the discussion. Most good breeders are to answer your questions and welcome your visit to see the dogs. They will never guarantee that all their puppies will be champions. They will not defame other nurseries, and breeders and can give you of them.
  But try to see more nurseries and dogs, weigh the pros and cons and then take a puppy.
And now it is time to say how to pick a puppy.
Of course, it is not difficult for experienced people. But it is a question for beginner. And if you haven’t friends among breeders or veterinarians I hope my advice will help you.  Choosing a puppy you must remember that every breed has its own feature. Think if you see that a female is too aggressive or too coward or too trustful.
When puppies are 45 days old an expert in this breed comes to see them. He says about their merits and demerits, and gives some advice. At that moment every puppy has its own birth certificate. Remember that every litter has pets, puppies for dog-show and puppies for future breeding. The price of the last category can be higher. So think is it use full to buy an expensive puppy if you are not going to take part in shows and breeding. All puppies from the same litter don’t tell one from the other very much. It can do only the breeder or an expert. And if you want to have a pet it doesn’t matter for you. Some owners guarantee that their puppies will be very good for breeding and for shows. But you must know that we can speak only about perspective and at the appointed age.
  How to exam the puppy.
  The puppy must be clean without fleas. Ears must be clean and without smell. Eyes and nose must be without secretions. The skin must be without scurf. The stomach must be soft but must not be swollen, because it may be means that the puppy has helminthes. He mustn’t have it. It mustn’t be strong smell and muddy secretion from the genitals. Male must has testicles in the scrotum. The lobe of the nose must be black and damp (wet) the eyes must be clean and have the some color. The Puppies must have all teeth (28 - teeth, incisors and premolars; puppies have no molars). Bite must satisfy the requirements of the breed (look the standard). Choosing a puppy don’t be in a hurry, look very carefully how he plays, walks, eats. He mustn’t (shouldn’t) walk with a limp, arch his back, shake his ears, rub his eyes, and rub his breech against the floor. He must be active, joy and curious.
  It is very important if the owner of the litter agrees to help you with you dog in future and suggests you to ask him questions any time you need his help. You may be sure that you find a good breeder and a good friend.
  All puppies of all breeds are very beautiful. And if a puppies of other breeds like an adult dog but a little naughty, fluffy Lhasa apso doesn’t look like his (majestic (proud) father or mother. So it is very easy to be deceived by dishonest seller on special animal market. You can see there are a lot of litters, fluffy puppies. Not only Lhasa apso. Remember that Lhasa apso is a rare breed, so it is better to buy a puppy in the kennel club or nursery.
  You must know that at 10 weeks a puppy is already two thirds of his adult height. Pick the puppy that by 10 weeks has a coat with a high proportion of good hard straight hair. Avoid a coat with noticeable marcel like waves or curls close to the skin, or one, which looks like fine lamb’s wool. Don’t turn down the one, which has a sparse looking coat, so long as it has long hair on the face, top of the head and fronts of the legs. These dogs often end up with the very best coats. His tail (should be well up) carried well over the back by 8 weeks, and should rarely be seen down. Even at 8 weeks he should have a level top line.
  Anyway pick the healthy, strong lively and brave puppy.

The certificate (metrics) of birth puppy Bite - overshot bite - undershot Proportions a head and muzzle Proportions a head and muzzle Position of a tail Coat Cheerful and playfu