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Олд Томарктус
Лхаса апсо. Племенной питомник декоративных собак породы лхаса апсо "Олд Томарктус".Российская Кинологическая Федерация. Lhasa apsos. Breeding nursery "Old Tomarktus". Breed the Lhasa apso in Russia.The Russian Cynology's Federation (RKF). Сдаг-Па

Julia Ghiz &
Old Tomarktus SDUG-RA (Oregon USA)
Birth - July, 30, 2005

On November, 19, 2005, 22:04:35
Good Morning Sveta ,
Sdug-Pa says hello... and she is very funny !!! She loves our couch... she likes playing with her toys on the couch... and she has started smiling at us ! She loves her new brother Sheng Tru... and she has started managing him very nicely !
We love her ! She has obviously been loved all her life and she has fit in perfectly as a result of this...she is everything you represented and more ! I feel blessed to have her in my life...she is chewing a bone and enjoying herself... she will be with me on my farm ...but i will be back online mid-week and will check in then....
Best, Julia